Gem Stones Consultancy

Prescribing a gemstone to ward off any planetary afflictions in a birth chart of any person is a very delicate procedure. The prescription of a gem depends largely on the astrologer’s keen observation and intuition. The stone must be matching the qualities of the person. gemstones-consultancy-250x250The gemstone must ‘arouse’ the qualities that a person needs to become success. We must find out which gemstones will boost the wearer’s luck and prosperity and prescribe accordingly. The remedy must play down the bad qualities of the person while enhancing good ones.

If you are facing problems then you can get suggestion on which stone will suit you the best. Astrologer Sharda Priyaa will guide with the best gem stone and a brief report will also be provided to you for the same. We will tell you which stone is suitable for you according to your lagna and the planet associated with it in your horoscope.

After opting for Gem stone consultancy Astrologer Sharda Priyaa will suggest you the best gem stone suited to you according to the position of planets and also there is a proper procedure to be followed before wearing the stone which Astrologer Sharda Priyaa will guide you through. Reader can send there birth details and Astrologer Sharda Priyaa can provide you all the information regarding

  • Which gemstone sill suit you.
  • Weight of gemstone.
  • Right Metal for Gemstone.
  • Time, Day, Date and other wearing Instructions for the Gemstone, in order to get what you desire from it.
  • Mantra for wearing to keep it pure as well as energized over a period of time.
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