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Astrology is an ancient science that strikes to remove obstacles in life through effective astrological remedies. When we are in trouble then we seek the shelter of divine and astrology seeks to align us with this divine energy with the help of different remedies. These remedies may range from wearing gems/rudrakshas to making relevant donations to doing mantra japa or performing specific pujas.

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The Astrological remedies suggested by a learned astrologer reduce the malefic impact of the planets as analyzed through a native’s natal chart. At the same time, they help us to strengthen the planets giving positive results or auspiciousness in our lives. Sometimes, some powerful remedies like hawan, pujas and japa done in multiple of thousands are done to get an instant relief from undesired or extremely malefic transits of the planets. 

Astrological remedies as performed through the use of these astrology products aim to relieve us during bad phases of life. They help us to align with the divine energy in order to overcome troubles and get maximum benefits in our life. Whatever good or bad situation we are in is due to our bad or good karmas. It means somewhere we had pleased or troubled the soul of other being which we have to face in this life in terms of auspicious or inauspicious results. Astrology products work at the soul level and bring transformation in the doer. This eventually affects his/her karmas and thus results.  So, this works on a scientific basis and is not just tantra-mantra in the name of superstition. They help to awaken our self consciousness while helping us to progress on a spiritual path. 

The astrology products may include Gemstones, Yantras, Rosary, Rudraksha, pendants, and rings specially designed for a specific a sign of the zodiac, and crystals and Parad items. These products protect us from all kinds of negative energies and act as a shield against evil eyes. 

There are people who knowingly or unknowingly are jealous of you and tend to send negative vibes. These products just reflect all this negativity back to the person sending it while keeping you safe and sound. These products help to attract materialistic gains, prosperity in family and business, success, affection, love, power, happiness, satisfaction   and peace of mind, welfare of children, fulfillment of wishes and health.

A detailed list of the Astrology Products:

Here is a detailed list of all the astrology products that are generally used for treating inauspiciousness of the negative planets. At the same time, they also help to enhance the positive influence of the auspicious planets in the horoscope.

  • Rudraksha beads- Rudraksha beads may do wonders in one’s life through its bio medical properties. They help the wearer to lead a happy and contended life.
  • Gemstones- Gemstones come in many varieties. Each gemstone represents a specific planet and attracts the energy of that planet towards the wearer.
  • Yantras- Different yantras have been prescribed for different planets. They are known to protect the native from the ill effects of negative planets while bringing fortunes in education, health, love, relationship and wealth.
  • Crystal- Crystals are known to energize an individual. They enhance the creativity and peace in an individual.
  • Parad Item- Parad is used to cure diabetes, blood pressure, and heart ailments.
  • Feng Shui- Feng Shui items are in rage now-a-days. They bring positivity, fortune, wealth, and prosperity in terms of health to the native.
  • Puja Items- These items are used for performing various pujas. 

Astrology products that you can wear 

These are the most popular products that used widely. In this fast paced life, when there is a shortage of time as always, you may simply wear these products to attract positive while neglect negative at the same time. Once worn you need not to change them for years and they are with you throughout day and night. They serve as protective layers while raising your fortune manifolds. Celebrities and influential people can be seen wearing them every now and then. These effective astrology products have helped them in reaching heights in their careers and professions. These magnificent products are not new and have been adored since millions of years.

These wearable astrology products include:

  • Rings- Ring is the most common form with the most suited gem as suggested by the astrologer. The gem is advised as per the zodiac sign and the placement of the planets. They are known to enhance luck & fortune. But at the same time one must know the appropriate way to wear them. One should gather right information as to how to wear them? In which finger to wear them? On which tithi, day or time one should wear it? Rings made up of different metals like copper, iron, panch dhaatu, silver, gold and others are also worn to please or propitiate certain planets.
  • Rudraksha- Rudrakshas have been a familiar name in religious and spiritual world.  Many Indian deities are seen wearing them, it itself boasts about its significance and positivity. They are best known to have biomedical properties and immense powers. They may control mental stress, hypertension, blood pressure and other health related ailments.
  • Gems- Gemstones are worn to enhance the strength of a positive and auspicious planet of the natal chart. They are known to have remarkable advantages and benefits for the wearers. They may be worn in rings or pendants.
  • Kavach- Kavach is made especially for the native by reciting manrtas of a specific planet. It acts as a protective shield and saves the native from negative energies, misfortunes, fear and troubles in life. It saves him/her against all evil and negative forces.
  • Bracelets- Bracelets worn around your wrist are known to ward-off negative tendencies of the people around. They save the native from the negative influence of the planets, while strengthens the auspiciousness of the gems.
  • Rosary- Original Rosary or Mala is used for chanting beej mantras of different planets. There have been different rosaries that have been specified for different planets. They are known to raise the effectiveness of the mantras if japa is done through rotating specified rosary. They give curative effects like peace, success, joy and pleasure in life.
  • Pendant- Pendant is another form of wearable products. They are believed to exert peaceful influence on mind and body. They are known to convert the negative energies into positive ones.
  • Rashi Bracelets- These are crafted keeping in mind the benefic and malefic planets of each zodiac. Wearing these may remove negativity from one’s life while bringing success and fame to the native.

Mrs. Bala Sharda, an eminent Astrologer and Vastu consultant suggests effective remedies with the help of using these astrology products. She possesses an in-depth astrological knowledge. She strives to serve mankind through solving their miseries in life with her right assessment, precise predictions and generous heart. All astrology products that are provided by her store are lab tested and genuine. These products confirm the quality standards and are the most authentic ones. She always confirms the products prior to sending them. She longs that only genuine and quality products reach to her clients which are the most beneficial for them.