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sharda priyaa

Mrs. Priya Bala Sharda

“Astrology, the language of God is understood by divine souls and only they can disseminate this knowledge after gaining in depth learning of these ancient yet sacred sciences.”

Mrs. Priya Bala Sharda ji is one such name who has devoted her life in service of mankind through astrology. She is a renowned name in the field of esoteric science and renders genuine help to those coming to her with any difficulty regarding different aspects of life. She has been a constant learner and a dynamic practitioner since last 25 years. To talk about her achievements, she is a professional astrologer and Vastu consultant since 1994 with over 25 years of experience in the field of Vastu and Astrology.

She is a learned practitioner with several accolades by her side. To count her academic achievements, she is a graduate in Medical Sciences (B.Sc. Med.). she has received her master’s degree in commerce and Punjabi from punjabi university patiala. 

Sharda Priyaa Videos

Mrs. Priya Sharda ji is a well experienced and a learned Astrologer, Vastu consultant and Numerologist. She aspires to share her treasure of knowledge with the masses with her extremely useful videos especially recorded for occult enthusiasts. She has given valuable information regarding the basic and advanced concepts of astrology, Vastu and numerology in her videos. 

Those who wish to learn astrology may make use of these videos which will aid their studies in an effective manner. Her extensive knowledge shared through her easy to understand language is no less than a blessing for those seeking deeper insight in the subject.

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