Gemstones are worn to enhance the strength of a positive and auspicious planet of the natal chart. They are known to have remarkable advantages and benefits for the wearers. They may be worn in rings or pendants.



Gemstones come in many varieties. Each gemstone represents a specific planet and attracts the energy of that planet towards the wearer.

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According to rashi of an individual, suitable gemstones are suggested by the astrologers. However, these must be chosen with utmost care else, it may put negative influence on the individual wearing an unsuitable stone. If one wears an accurate gemstone as indicated by the horoscope then he/she will certainly get positive results in life.

Vedic astrology states that we should wear gemstones according to our Rashi to tide over troubles. Wearing good quality gemstones accelerates the process of getting auspicious results as promised through a person’s birth chart. If one desires for good results regarding a specific aspect of life, favorable stones as per the relevant divisional charts may be worn too to initiate early fructification of the desired results.

Rashi stones are worn after astrological consultation whereby an astrologer after analyzing the strength and weakness of the planets in the natal chart suggests a rashi stone. Mrs. Priyaa Sharda, the eminent astrologer after analyzing all aspects of a kundli suggests rashi stones which are best suited to the native to ensure prosperity, wealth and good health in life. 

Different rashi stones come in varied sizes and shapes and they have to be worn in specific weight in order to get the maximum benefits from them. Weight of the rashi stones as measured in rattis is advised by the astrologer keeping in mind the body weight of the native. They are also worn in different fingers and different metals which should be adhered carefully else negative results may follow. Similarly, there are combinations of the rashi stones which can’t be worn together as they may be bitter enemies to each other. So, all these points should be taken care of while wearing a rashi stone.  

A critical examination of all the planets in the natal and the concerned divisional charts is the key to suggesting an appropriate and powerful gemstone that affects the life of the native in a positive way. An astrologer takes care of all these factors before suggesting rashi stones. However, each rashi has natural enemies and friends yet these planets are required to be checked with great expertise in order to come to a right conclusion. 

Sometimes, in order to accomplish a particular task we need to wear a gemstone temporarily. This depends majorly on dasha and auspiciousness of the current transits. Thus it is very important to visit a learned astrologer. Shardaa ji excels in this field and always suggests the best possible rashi stones that may do miracles in one’s life. These rashi stones are authentic and lab tested. Each rashi gemstone as suggested by Shardaa ji through in depth analysis of the horoscope attracts prosperity and happiness in one’s life.      

Rashi stones

Mesha Rashi – Aries : The appropriate rashi gemstones for Aries are coral (moonga), ruby (manik) and yellow sapphire (pukhraj). 

Vrisha Rashi – Taurus:  The appropriate rashi gemstones for Taurus are emerald (panna), diamond (heera) and blue sapphire (neelam).

Mithun Rashi – Gemini: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Gemini are emerald (panna), diamond (heera) and blue sapphire (neelam).

Kark – Cancer: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Kark are pearl (moti) and coral (moonga).

Simha – Leo: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Leo are ruby (manik) and coral (moonga).

Kanya – Virgo: The appropriate rashi gemstone for Virgo is emerald (panna). 

Tula – Libra: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Libra are diamond, emerald and blue sapphire (neelam). 

Vrischika – Scorpio: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Scorpion are coral (moonga), ruby (manik) and yellow sapphire (pukhraj). 

Dhanu – Sagittarius: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Sagittarius are yellow sapphire and ruby.

Makara – Capricorn: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Capricorn are blue sapphire and diamond. 

Kumbha – Aquarius: The appropriate rashi gemstone for Aquarius is diamond only.

Meena – Pisces: The appropriate rashi gemstones for Pisces are yellow sapphire and pearl.