About Us

Sharda Priyaa is a well known astrologer, spiritual preceptor & motivator who is famous for astrology practices among her fans & followers. She is a successful astrological strategy advisor to corporate & individuals. Blessed by god for the special instinct she has. She strongly believes that planets have a very strong influence on all of us. The transitions, retrogrades, conjunctions influences all of us tremendously. Like it is said, “Strike when the iron is hot”. So, seek the valuable advices would help to gain best from the planetary movements.

aifas-mewar-courseShe has been practicing astrology successfully for more than two decades. Sharda is blessed with spiritual & astrological knowledge.

Sharda Priyaa has been awarded with the following certificates in the journey of her astrology career. She has been serving the people in the field of astrology for more than two decades.

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Certifications by All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies

  • Certificate for Jyotish Ratan
  • Certificate for Jyotish Bhushan
  • Certificate for Jyotish Prabhakar
  • Certificate for Jyotish Shashtracharya
  • Certificate for Jyotish Rishi

Having a deep understanding of the corporate world, She is able to address the professional & personal issues. her approach to understand astrology is very scientific and logical and has an expertise in different branches of astrology. Having a positive approach towards life she is always open to hearing and understanding issues. Sharda always willing to help, at the same time dependable maintaining the confidentiality of the client. The remedies told for a particular problem is very effective and not difficult as it is a part of your daily chore. Having a spiritual bent, the solutions provide comfort & peace of mind.

Her advices to business set ups/organizations have helped them tremendously whereby the business has grown manifold. Since she has a vast experience, she is able to provide directions in all areas.

A large number of individuals have taken benefit from Sharda Priyaa’s astrology services. Now it’s your turn to make your life better. You can book your appointment with Sharda for telephonic consultancy or personal meeting to get her services.