Consultancy services for Vaastu, Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology by Sharda Priyaa

We provide vaastu services for residence and commercial establishments, Feng Shui consultancy, Astrology Services and Numerology analysis. We are also instrumental in providing Vaastu Shastra Consultancy to our clients from different corporate houses. You will experience an unprecedented slew of happiness, success and harmony. Your business will blossom and so would your interpersonal relationships and family bonding. We provide suitably priced, effective and reliable vastu, astrology, feng-shui, numerology consultancy services on matters related to health wealth and harmony. Our vastu shastra consultancy services are described below in detail:

Vaastu Consultancy

Vaastu consultant, Residential Vaastu, Commercial complex, Educational Institute, Hotels, Resorts, Flats, Condo, Duplex, Farm Houses, Office, Shop, Malls and much more…

Astrology Consultancy

We have earned appreciation from the clients for providing accurate and effectual Astrology Services. Our service helps one to improve their married life, career, studies, business, stock market, etc.

Corporate Identity

We create 100% original and unique Logos that bears the clarity and consistency of your Brand/ Company Image and represents it appropriately thus promoting recognition amongst your customers / consumers.

Numerology Analysis

As a Professional Numerology Consultant, we have provided maximum benefits to the clients and satisfied their requirements. he science of numerology has the power to influence our lives, whether we believe in it or not.

Rashi Gem Stones

The Gold Standard in Planetary Gemology. Explore the vast ocean of planetary gems and their effects and find the exact gem that will bring desired results. Get your Gemstone consultation with complete information.

Astrological Predictions for life

Call us for more information or email us now to get your personal horoscope consultation.

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