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Astrologer Sharda Ji – Youtube Channel

Mrs. Priya Sharda ji is a well experienced and a learned Astrologer, Vastu consultant and Numerologist. She aspires to share her treasure of knowledge with the masses with her extremely useful videos especially recorded for occult enthusiasts. She has given valuable information regarding the basic and advanced concepts of astrology, Vastu and numerology in her videos. 

Those who wish to learn astrology may make use of these videos which will aid their studies in an effective manner. Her extensive knowledge shared through her easy to understand language is no less than a blessing for those seeking deeper insight in the subject.

All important transits and various astrological concepts may create confusions making it difficult to understand their results in one’s life. But Sharda ji has tried hard to decode these complex concepts and principles in the simplest way so as even the beginners in the field may understand them with ease. 

In the modern world, when people lack time and patience, her short and knowledgeable videos are a precious gift to astrology lovers which they may use to their benefit. What every transit will bring and how to decipher different planetary associations and placements are explained in detail. Use of life path number and its effects along with other advanced topics of numerology help the viewers to understand the relevance and importance of these ancient branches for the modern world. 

Similarly, she has recorded several videos explaining varied concepts of Vastu in the most effective manner to benefit her listeners. Her calmness and impressive voice spellbound the viewers who feel enriched and more knowledgeable after watching every video of hers.

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