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In Vedic Astrology, a horoscope is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born on this Earth. A horoscope contains information about the placement, position and association of various planets individually and with other planets and constellations. Vedic astrology is an ancient science that involves studying a horoscope of a person to predict about his/her future life events. 

It is said that planets in our horoscope are so placed as to give us rewards or punishments of our deeds in our past lives. We all harvest what we sow and who will decide it? Certainly the almighty God has planned our lives to reap the results of our past deeds through the placements of planets in our horoscope. A horoscope depicts how and when in coordination with dasha system and transit of planets that we will get good or bad results in our lives.    

A horoscope contains all necessary information required to make predictions about an individual regarding various aspects of life like education, career, financial status, married life, health, business, love life, foreign settlement, spirituality and others. 

Specific Problem Reports


Health Report

Health Report is around 45-50 page report. It is a compact model which gives


Finance Report

Finance Report is around 45-55 page report. It is a compact model which gives


Education Report

These days a good educational background is very important


Career Report

Identifying one’s personal strength is very easy step in astrology. Your birth chart

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The planets along with constellations give hidden clues as to what path we should follow to succeed a happy and prosperous life. If studied or analyzed properly, a horoscope may even explain our purpose of present life. Astrology is a divine science whereby the planetary indications are utilized to know about the present and future conditions and events. Most of us seems to find out How, When, Where and How much about our lives all the time and astrology is one such means which can answer all these queries. When we lack motivation in life or when we find ourselves in despair wondering about the undesired and sudden happenings, Astrology comes to our rescue and our horoscope analysis acts as one prime and powerful tool to overcome all these unforeseen troubles.

It is necessary that a horoscope is read carefully by the best astrologer to correctly interpret the meaning and indications given by different planets, houses, nakshatras and signs. The birth horoscope is never enough and many other horoscopes called divisional charts are also needed to be analyzed properly before any conclusion is drawn. Vedic astrology is a vast and immensely deep subject which requires constant and never tiring attitude to gain mastery in the subject. 

Mrs. Sharda ji is one such learned, experienced and the best astrologer who may provide you with most genuine astrological guidance that certainly helps the native to overcome any kind of problem in his/her life.  She is an amalgamation of calmness and wisdom that goes a long way in detecting the miseries properly along with giving the most effective remedies.

Not just in astrology but also in Numerology and Lal Kitab, there is a provision of casting a horoscope. However, each of these is complete in itself but still these horoscopes may be used in addition to an astrological horoscope to get even a clearer picture about the native’s life which further helps in dealing with the difficulties in better manner. Not all but Mrs. Priyaa Shardaa uses all these techniques to go in depth of every situation as indicated by a horoscope. Matching horoscope for marriage is yet another field where Shardaji excels over others due to her long astrological experience and knowledge in the concerned field. Since she is an expert in various branches of occult science including Vastu, Numerology and Lal Kitab, she answers every query after much pondering and extreme finesse. The natives are always thoroughly satisfied with her matchless services and get a new perspective in life as suggested through their horoscope. A horoscope analysis is thus a key to a bright and successful future as an aware native is always in better position to take timely decisions which not only attracts great fortunes but also saves him/her against all odds of life!