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Numbers have something mysterious about them. Apart from representing numerical values, numbers have the power to predict about our personal traits and destiny. Numbers carry not just quantitative value with them but also a vibration and a frequency. Numerologists use our birth date as the prime indicator of our destiny. Mrs. Priya Sharda, a renowned astrologer, vastu consultant and numerologist analyzes the birth date and other relevant numbers to precisely predict about the physical appearance, personality traits and future events of the natives. She uses an amalgamation of all these three branches which is an excellent combination in itself to analyze the future and past events of the native.

About numerology

There’s something special about the numbers as we frequently notice few numbers falling before our eyes again and again. There are certain numbers that most of the times captivate our attention. We all as individuals already believe, at least a little bit, in numerology, if we talk about a lucky number and give importance to the expressions like, “bad things happen in threes.” 

Numerology is the mystical study of numbers, and just like its sister concern i.e. astrology, it may also offer insights in everything from personality traits to what the future holds for a particular individual. The idea is that all things revolve around numbers and the specific vibrations that are associated with them. The belief system behind numerology is similar to that around fate. There are no accidents and everything that happens was always predestined to happen. Everything is based on your numbers and your chart.

These numbers act as an indication of some events in our life which have to be read and understood carefully. A numerologist like Mrs. Priya Sharda ji helps us to understand the meaning of such surrounding numbers. She is a learned astrologer, vastu consultant and numerologist with an experience of over 25years.

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Every number has a frequency and every number represents a certain category. The idea behind numerology is that the name and birth date affects the cosmos as well as life of an individual. Numerologists calculate our life path number by adding up the numbers in one’s birth date. It is quite similar to an approach adopted in astrology whereby a horoscope or the birth chart is used to predict about one’s future. In the same way, our life path number is the basis of all of the numerology insights about our life. Numerology is an awesome companion to astrology. It helps clarify the sign by providing additional information. 

Our name too has a story to tell, as each letter in the alphabet has a numerical value (A=1, B=2, etc.) and indicates certain specifications. These specifications are interwoven with the related numbers to draw a conclusion regarding any specific topic. You will wonder at the fact that your name is not something kept with choice rather it is a divine label or blessing already decided for you even before you were named. Theoretically, names are assigned by the divines. Infants in the womb either choose their own names, or their parents are gifted names through divine sources. Regardless, that name is the one that holds the secrets of your life path. 

 An experienced Numerologist like Sharda ji uses these numerical attributes in combination with other branches of occult sciences which she masters really well, to solve the queries of her clients.   

Numerology has so much influence on one’s life that parents prefer to name their children according to it to attract prosperity in his/her life. Names are also altered to emphasize a certain numerical value so as to attract positivity in one’s life. 

Life path numbers should be given the same treatment as star signs. Numbers are able to distinguish certain personality traits and also give strong hints what the future holds for an individual. It provides you with what your optimal expression is and also what your tendencies and obstacles will be in life. Just like our lagna or rashi, each life path number has different associated values and challenges. They strongly indicate the life purpose of an individual. When we are in alignment with our Life Path purpose, we feel on track, energized, and focused. 

Sharda ji uses several things about your life to construct a numerology report and uses divination to create a broader understanding of your future and life path. Numerology has many aspects that are complicated. It’s always helpful to have a guide like Sharda ji, who has in depth knowledge and experience in numerology to explain the finer details in much simpler way. She has done a lot of research on the subject and is well experienced to explain more things in full. 

Basically, your future and the will of the cosmos are predestined and predictable through your birth date, name, and several other factors that can be broken down into numbers. A full numerology report as prepared at the expert hands of Sharda ji gives important insights with even small amount of information.