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Sometimes we feel problems coming from all sides. The work which was running smoothly till yesterday suddenly starts facing obstructions in every means. All our efforts somewhere end in despair no matter how hard we try. Why does this happen? The colors on your walls, the piece of furniture placed in any corner of the room, the choked drains in the kitchen or anywhere, arrangement of decorative articles in the house etc. could be the probable reason for such obstacles! Meet the most renowned and experienced Vastu Consultant Mrs. Priya Sharda to know about the wonders of Vastu Shastra.

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The best Vastu consultant with the best knowledge: 

A Vastu practitioner may solve the queries of the clients only if he/she goes deep into the difficulties of the people coming to him/her. Mrs. Priya Sharda is such responsible and learned vastu consultant who after analzing the root of the problems in depth with her several years of experience and knowledge suggests the best possible remedies. She delivers optimum solutions for the queries of her clients without causing much hassles of demolition or reconstruction of the house and offices. 

She has a practical yet transparent and effective approach which helps the clients to overcome their problems without any demolitions or structural changes.

These effective recommendations may only be the results of extensive knowledge, expertise and experience. Sharda ji possesses wealth of knowledge and use it skillfully to suggest changes that do not require major alterations at the concerned place. With complete absence of financial greed, she proficiently applies the ancient vastu principles to the modern dwellings.

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About Mrs. Priya Sharda 

The dynamic personality, Mrs. Priya Sharda is an experienced astrologer and Vastu consultant since 1994 with over 25 years of experience in the field of Vastu and Astrology. She is a renowned name in the field of esoteric science and has been a constant learner with a dynamic approach towards astrology and Vastu. 

She is a learned practitioner with several accolades by her side. To count her academic achievements, she is a graduate in Medical Sciences (B.Sc. Med.). She received her master’s degree in commerce, Punjabi and Education from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She possesses a deep knowledge of architecture, Indian ancient science of Vastu, ancient vedic scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, astrology and other related sciences. She has a brilliant command over all these and provides expert vastu dosha rectifications and recommendations for homes, commercial establishments and industries.

She is also conducting various courses to teach people about our ancient treasure of occult knowledge in the form of carefully crafted astrology and vastu courses. She wishes that every individual should be aware of our ancient vedic wisdom and its miraculous effects on our lives.

Unmatched Vastu services:

Her specialty field involves the use of Color Therapy, Pyramidology, and use of crystals, metals and other natural energizing therapies to rectify the vastu doshas present in the construction. 

She also provides the most effective vastu remedial measures for the vastu defects present in the aesthetics or decoration of the dwellings. These kinds of recommendations generally do not cause any demolitions to the existing structure.

She is a known figure in Vaastu Shastra and has earned this reputation due to her profound knowledge base and astonishing experience in astrology and vastu. She beautifully combines these two in case the client is facing any severe problem regarding his career or family life. 

She possesses an over precedent charm which she infuses in the surroundings through her positive vibes. She has successfully confirmed positivity and prosperity in the lives of her clients.

Vastu is all about creating a proper balance of the five elementary elements, electromagnetic and cosmic energies in our surroundings. She makes use of her extensive exposure to neutralize the negative energies while enhancing the positive ones in our spaces. She aims to create a positive aura of peace and harmony whichever places she touches or work upon.

She tends to create awareness about Vastu and its basic directions through her courses and consultations. She will not just treat but narrates her clients about the basic directions and their locations, their proper analysis and the inherent significance and power of each direction.