Feng Shui Consultancy

Feng shui is an ancient wisdom developed over 3,000 years ago in China. The literal meaning of “feng” means wind and “shui” means water.  In Chinese culture, wind and water are both associated with good health. Thus, the word feng shui means fortune. Based on the Taoist vision and understanding of nature, the idea that land is alive and filled with energy, is called Chi. Taoism deals with nature and all the basic principles of Feng shui reflect nature too. The essential principles of Feng shui include the commanding position, the bagua, and the five elements.

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Feng shui basically interprets the interaction of humans and their environments. It is a science that involves influencing these interacting energies to achieve specific improvements in life. This influence can be attained by positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural flow of energy. Feng shui states the procedure of balancing the energies of any given space to ensure good health and fortune for those inhabiting it. These systems of laws for spatial arrangement and orientation are taken into account when people are designing buildings, placing furniture and possessions and even bodies. Feng shui makes you adopt a unique way to look at these elements to get balance, comfort, and harmony into your environment.

How a Feng Shui Consultation Can Help?

There are some important times when you need a Feng shui consultant to guide you through. For example, when you are initiating a new business venture and you need proper guidance and support. Or perhaps you’re on a spiritual path and want to go deeper to integrate it into the environment around you. You might wish to create true wellness in your home and life and don’t know how to connect body, mind, and spirit, in that case a Feng shui consultant may help you to a great extent.

At some point in life, you may feel down and would like to welcome more joy into your everyday life. Consider reaching out for a consultation if you’re ready to embark on a new path of career and need direction. You may feel uninspired at some point and need to ignite some passion in any area of your life. Your relationships may be taking trolls. Or you really wish to start a new love or business partnership into your life, ask for a feng shui consultation.

A Feng shui consultation may change your life

As the old saying suggests “Home is where the heart is.” Many of us have our hearts attached to our homes and we would naturally wish to attract positivity to our homes. However, the kind of home we live in can be very different based on our routine and lifestyle. The vibes in a house depends on where we live, how our house has been constructed, how effective our maintenance is, how we live in it, etc., our home can give off different spiritual vibrations. Feng shui consultants may improve the spiritual vibrations of our homes through different methods one of which is spiritual cleansing. This brings many positive effects such as increased financial security, harmonious relationships between family members in the house, more happiness among the residents and less obstacles to work and spiritual practice done by the dwellers in the home. Feng Shui goes into a lot of detail on how we can construct a premise so as to avoid distress, cleanse the home and attract spiritually positive vibrations. However, it is important to note that the most important element in determining the frequencies in a house is the people living in the house, their thought process and their karmas or activities. By observing Feng shui measures, the residents within the premises can positively influence thoughts and actions thereby spiritually cleansing their surroundings.