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Astrology and Vastu Course

Astrology is an ancient science of establishing co-relation in the movement of celestial bodies in the sky with the events happening on the Earth. 

Astrology is an ancient science of establishing co-relation in the movement of celestial bodies in the sky with the events happening on the Earth. This is a science of predicting about the personality traits, characteristics, present and future events as well as different possibilities in one’s life. This is a divine knowledge and can’t be learnt without the help of any teacher or guru that shows the right path of learning about this ancient wisdom.

Mrs. Priya Sharda, an eminent astrologer, Vastu expert and Numerologist since last 25 years is determined to dissipate this ancient vedic knowledge with the astrology lovers through her carefully crafted courses.

She is serving in the field of astrology and Vastu for a reasonably long time and has excelled in the field with her accurate predictions and effective remedial measures. She believes that whatever the society has given us in the form of love and faith in her services, she wishes to return the same with gratitude to the society. Thus, she has started courses in astrology and Vastu to enrich the society with her knowledge.

She is a learned practitioner with a constant flair for gaining knowledge. She has won many awards and certificates and has been honored at many recognized forums. The courses which she aspires to teach include extensive yet simple study material with practical approach. She has covered all the basic and advanced concepts in her courses, which a student has to understand in order to gain in depth knowledge of the subject. She will be providing online study material through ppts and books which will aid the students in their studies.

Astrology Courses


Astrology Course

A comprehensive course in astrology that impairs not just theoretical knowledge but also the practical approach required to gain in depth knowledge of the subject.


Vastu Course

The ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra has been explained in the simplest but at the same time in the most extensive yet intellectual manner to maintain the interests of the students.

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There has been constant rise in the interest and curiosity in occult field over the years. People have been taken aback by the precise and keen observations of the occult practitioners all over the world. This tendency has somewhere given a rise to ever rising interest in occult science across the globe. To tap on the opportunities, many institutes have also sprung up which are providing occult knowledge at their unreasonably high prices. 

Since occult is a deep and vast subject, a learner in beginning stage requires a teacher who may explain the complexities of the subject in the simplest form as to maintain the interest of the students. Most often than not it happens, that most of the students leave their goal of learning in midst of the course as it seems really tough to understand the intricacies of the subject. In that case, a learned and experienced teacher is a big asset whose ultimate aim is to dissipate the ancient occult wisdom with no motive of self interest.

She will be giving exhaustive knowledge of all the houses, planets, their placements in various houses, their significations, their associations and how do they affect our lives when placed in different zodiac signs. Tricks of making accurate predictions, predicting different event in one’s life and remedial measures for different planets in different situations, will all be taught in the courses. These are the basic concepts but the courses includes much more. 

Her long expertise in the field will help her students in gaining the practical knowledge which adds an element of uniqueness in her courses. She is a practitioner herself, so, is in a better position to understand the peculiarities associated with reading the actual charts. Her practical tips along with the theoretical knowledge prove to be a great tool for her students to be able to gain command on accurate predictions in no time.

She is not just a commendable astrologer but also a vibrant Vastu expert. She has consulted thousands of clients in and outside the country. She possesses a long list of satisfied customers endowed with prosperity through her services. Now, she is all set to share her virtue in Vastu with her students in the form of carefully designed courses. These courses in Vastu aim to teach the students in the simplest and effective manner so that they gain maximum of knowledge in minimum time.   

Vastu is all about balancing five natural elements or panchbhootas. For gaining prowess in the subject it is necessary to understand the basics properly and then proceed further. Sharda ji aims to clear the basics very well first so as to give a strong base to her students. She then proceeds further to give deep knowledge of the subject to her students through her valuable notes and study material.  

She has poured in all of her knowledge and expertise in her courses to make them the most extensive and valuable courses in the market. Her calm approach tends to remove every hesitation which the students might be exposed to making it convenient for them to learn with full attention.

Her courses in astrology and Vastu will prove highly beneficial for those interested in learning them. These are the certified courses and the learners will be granted certificates after giving an exam on the related subject. The examination held to test your knowledge gained during the course helps the student to test his/her capabilities which he/she may improve further. So, come to her, if you wish to learn and pursue them as a career. She is the best choice for learning astrology and vastu.