Gem Stones Consultancy

Gem Stones Consultancy

Prescribing a gemstone to ward off any planetary afflictions in a birth chart of any person is a very delicate procedure. The prescription of a gem depends largely on the astrologer’s keen observation and intuition. The stone must be matching the qualities of the person. gemstones-consultancy-250x250The gemstone must ‘arouse’ the qualities that a person needs to become success. We must find out which gemstones will boost the wearer’s luck and prosperity and prescribe accordingly. The remedy must play down the bad qualities of the person while enhancing good ones.

If you are facing problems then you can get suggestion on which stone will suit you the best. Astrologer Sharda Priyaa will guide with the best gem stone and a brief report will also be provided to you for the same. We will tell you which stone is suitable for you according to your lagna and the planet associated with it in your horoscope.

After opting for Gem stone consultancy Astrologer Sharda Priyaa will suggest you the best gem stone suited to you according to the position of planets and also there is a proper procedure to be followed before wearing the stone which Astrologer Sharda Priyaa will guide you through. Reader can send there birth details and Astrologer Sharda Priyaa can provide you all the information regarding

  • Which gemstone sill suit you.
  • Weight of gemstone.
  • Right Metal for Gemstone.
  • Time, Day, Date and other wearing Instructions for the Gemstone, in order to get what you desire from it.
  • Mantra for wearing to keep it pure as well as energized over a period of time.
Horoscope Reading Analysis

Horoscope Reading Analysis

Horoscope Matching is very deep and powerfully rooted in Indian Horoscope. In India Before going into any marriage relationship a Vedic astrologer is referred for his match making and compatibility checking of boy and the girl. It is done to ensure a pleasant-sounding, healthy and balanced marriage relationship between the upcoming partners. In this section of Indian astrology we will provide services like Horoscope Readings, Horoscope Matching’s.


Astrology is most difficult of all sciences. It is neither a physical science in the sense like physics, chemistry nor it is metaphysical. The precision of mathematics should be harmoniously combined with the intuitive capacity of astrologer. The judgment of horoscope form the most important and difficult task of an astrologer. Astrological Predictions can be confidently ventured provided one is well-equipped with astrological principles that determine strength of planets & houses, six sources of strength & weakness should be determined of each planet i.e. shadbals.

Contact Astrologer Sharda Priyaa for all kinds of horoscope services such as making a new horoscope, reading a horoscope, matching a horoscope, solutions and mantras for reducing ill effects of unfavourably placed planets, dashas, mahadasha, sub-dasha.

Rudraksha Astrology

Rudraksha Astrology

There are legends, magic, mysteries and myths associated with the great magical powers of Rudraksha, provided the wearer of the Rudraksha wears the correct bead that is astrologically correct for him.

Various Indian Puranas (ancient religious historical books of knowledge) has different rudraksha1anecdotes about the origin of this fruit–the seed of which is called as Rudraksha.

It is stated that after destroying the world due to self-immolation of his wife Sati in her father Daksha’s Yagna, Lord Shiva felt immense remorse. A drop of tear emerged from his Third Eye. This tear drop fell on earth (in today’s Nepal) and from there sprouted the Rudraksha tree.

Apart from high medicinal value, the 21 different types of Rudraksha beads have magical astrological powers to alleviate many troubles of life, provided they are made to go through the “Shodhanam” and “Jagratam” procedure.

Astrologer Sharda Priyaa can provide you the most pure Rudraksha based on your astrological needs derived from your birth horoscope. You will be required to provide your accurate date, time and place of birth for this.

Apart from this, she also gets the Rudraksha undergo the Shodhanam and Jagratam procedure and tells you the most auspicious date, time and the Beej Mantra to be chanted during wearing the bead.

You can contact her for knowing his consultancy donation for seeking remedial guidance through Rudraksha.

Kundli making

Kundli making

In a Kundli each planets position combined with other planetary positions predict what a person’s life looks like .Several important questions can be answered by Kundli making service like: will be like, and what he will do, and kundliwhat he will not do. It also predicts his relationships, monetary gains or losses and many more things.

Astrologer Sharda Priyaa prepare Kundli for you to know your personality, strengths, weaknesses, hidden traits, skills, auspicious time period, favourable and unfavourable aspects as per your planets position. Therefore making Kundli always helps you and plays a vital role when you are moving forward for getting success in life. It shows your potential and favourable time and also protects you from unfavourable time. Your janam Kundli can also show you a way that helps you to achieve name, fame and success in life and bring all that you wish in life. Astrologer Sharda Priyaa also helps you in match making process with your Kundli. When you are in love Astrologer Sharda Priyaa can help you determine how compatible your lover will be for you in case of marriage. Love marriage Kundli making service is a good way of ensuring double happiness with the person you love. Astrologer Sharda Priyaa has special Vedic expertise and astrology remedies in case you and your partner encounter some problems during Kundli making service. Through those remedies, you can get rid of evil effect of planets that may threaten to harm the happiness in your married life. Once that effect is nullified, you can marry and remain forever happy with your loved one.

Astro Vedic Mantra

Astro Vedic Mantra

In Vedic practices, most ancient techniques and classical Hinduism, mantra symbolizes as a necessity for spiritual advancement and high attainment. Mantra is a Sanskrit word which is formed by combining two words “Manana” and “Trey”. “Manana” means act of man (self) and “trey” means save. Mantra is used to save oneself from the problems of life and after life to give peace and solace.

“Trey” also means releasing. So the mantra can also be seen as a way to get release from the cycle of death and rebirth or to get “moksha”

In simple words, mantras are energy based sounds which is used for worshipping a God or Goddess to attain desired results and overcome difficulties and problems of life. In Vedic text, we have different mantras for different god and Goddess and for different purposes because each mantra has an energy pattern which is synchronized with the particular energy source. For example, the mantra for mars is synchronized with the energy source which controls more aggressive emotions and could be used for getting win over enemies (Based on the position of mars in an horoscope) and mantras for Jupiter is synchronized with the energy source which is calm in nature and would be helpful to attain spiritual win gayatrimantra196fullover one’s self. So chanting mantras give synchronization with the energy source which can fulfill the desire one have as well as to create effective vibrations for mental, physical and spiritual healing.

Mantras works best when one chant them or recite them while sitting in front of the associated God or Goddess and performing other associated pooja. But it also works when are chanting them while you are doing some other activity or only listening the mantra paath.

When we recite a mantra that utilizes the part of our brain which deals with our power to connect with the outer world. When we recite a mantra with the clear intent and focus on the power associated with it. The part of brain transmit the same to the outer world and synchronization happen between the person and the superior energy source. This process when repeated over a period of time with consistency and devotion leads to fulfillment of the desired results.

In Hindu thought, while repeating a sacred formula-a mantra, one should put all one’s love, thought and will. Thus Japa is not a mechanical activity, but an intense activity with profound concentration. One must repeat the mantra softly with concentration so as to lead the mind to pass beyond everything that is connected with the domain of thought

Astrologer Sharda Priyaa is a renowned astrologer following Vedic mantra to get rid of all the evil effects on you.

Vastu Shastra Services

Vastu Shastra Services

Astrologer Sharda Priyaa is a renowned consultant providing service for Vastu Shastra. Dedicated to serve most authentic and scientific service all over the world.

Astrologer Sharda Priyaa rectifies Vastu defects (Dosh) without any demolition. She visits all over India and Abroad and is committed to the creation of healthy, refreshing and holistic interiors that enhances and cherishes the human spirit & helps in protecting an impeccable environment all around you.

She provides Vastu consultancy services to national and international acclaimed clients and Celebrities. Her objective is to reach individual for Vastu purposes and to make them aware of this ancient art’s power and imageseffects if used in an efficient way. Placement of body parts of Vastu Purusha in different directions, Panchtatvas (the five- elements) and the placement of gods and goddesses we can define Vastu Shastra.

Acting according to the nature of these Gods and Goddesses and keeping them happy and getting good results for it is basically Vastu Shastra. Her professionalism, expertise and warm personality have earned his a large clientele not only in India but also in Abroad. His focus is on to guide and teach his clients how to create a sacred space in their homes and offices using a contemporary architectural model to be adapted from the science of Vastu Shastra.