Vastu Shastra Services

Astrologer Sharda Priyaa is a renowned consultant providing service for Vastu Shastra. Dedicated to serve most authentic and scientific service all over the world.

Astrologer Sharda Priyaa rectifies Vastu defects (Dosh) without any demolition. She visits all over India and Abroad and is committed to the creation of healthy, refreshing and holistic interiors that enhances and cherishes the human spirit & helps in protecting an impeccable environment all around you.

She provides Vastu consultancy services to national and international acclaimed clients and Celebrities. Her objective is to reach individual for Vastu purposes and to make them aware of this ancient art’s power and imageseffects if used in an efficient way. Placement of body parts of Vastu Purusha in different directions, Panchtatvas (the five- elements) and the placement of gods and goddesses we can define Vastu Shastra.

Acting according to the nature of these Gods and Goddesses and keeping them happy and getting good results for it is basically Vastu Shastra. Her professionalism, expertise and warm personality have earned his a large clientele not only in India but also in Abroad. His focus is on to guide and teach his clients how to create a sacred space in their homes and offices using a contemporary architectural model to be adapted from the science of Vastu Shastra.

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