Everyone on this Earth is curious about knowing what will happen next? Predictive sciences have excelled to quench this never ending thirst through its various branches like astrology, numerology, face reading and palmistry since thousands of years. Palmistry, an ancient practice of making predictions with the help of the deep analysis of the palm lines has made remarkable existences in the predictive world. Palmistry tells that how the science of hand analysis can change the life for the better.

It is a science through which we may reveal our past, present and future by unfolding the secrets hidden in our palm lines, palm mounts and other symbols.

About palmistry

Most of the times, when we wish to know about our future or persisting difficulties, we simply head to an astrologer who successfully performs his/her job as well. But what if are uncertain about our birth timings or don’t have our horoscope? In that case Samudrik Shastra that involves palmistry and face reading as it main tools come to a great help.

Reading palm lines is a part of Samudrik shastra that strikes to guide us about – Health-Education-Career-Job-Business-Marriage-Child birth-Spiritual path-Finance-Prosperity etc. through the folds, shape, lines, curves and mounts present at our palm among others.

Palmistry can also be used for seeking Guidance-Counseling-Motivation-Decision making-Prediction and knowing the purpose of this life.

Simply put, palmistry is a science of analyzing the physical features of the hands to interpret personality traits and future of an individual. Palmistry also known as Chiromancy is a time-honored practice.

Just as our ancient scholars gazed into the night sky to find powerful connection between the movements of the planets and events here on Earth, palm readers observe how the hand’s attributes connect to greater themes. Occult traditions are based on the esoteric axiom “As above as below” and within palmistry, the palm is accordingly seen as an epitome of the universe.

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Palm Reading is something people turn towards while searching for answers related to their past, their destiny or their fortune. It is an age-old tradition prevalent in countries across the world without culture and region variations. 

The folds and creases of the palms, referred to as lines, are indeed used to form narratives and predict future happenings in palmistry. Different lines are interpreted by analyzing their length, depth, and curvature. No two palms in this world are same as is the destiny. Just like different planetary transits affect our natal chart and things bound to happen as per these. Similarly, the lines on the palms too keep on changing in their details. 

The palm lines or the fate lines on one of our hands remain fixed throughout our life, whereas the lines on the other can change during the course of our life. The permanent lines represent the fate that we were born with, whereas the changing lines represent the present situation based on our free will and karmas.

A learned palmist deeply studies as to where each line begins and ends, which mounts it crosses, and where the creases intersect. In addition to this, the intuitions and experience plays an important role which comes through knowledge, keen observations and experience of several years. Different lines like Head Line, Heart Line, Life Line, Fate Line, Sun Line etc. have specific meanings and indications which may be interpreted by a learned palmist only.

There are four basic hand shapes as well within palmistry, each connected with a different element and its associated traits. Although the four elements have also been used in astrology but here they may be totally different than those. These traits too are analyzed deeply to come to a conclusion regarding a specific matter.

An expert palmist has to observe the palm’s natural topography. Fleshy areas called mounts and plains are related to different themes of life. The classic mounts correspond with the seven planets of astrology: Apollo (the sun), Luna (the moon), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. 

The palmists make use of these mounts to reveal attributes of the person coming to them. Well proportioned mounts are considered good while sunken mounts expose an individual’s underdeveloped qualities. Lastly, extremely prominent mounts reveal dominant characteristics that may be exaggerated or overemphasized.

Palmistry helps a native in his/her spiritual growth as well. Apart from telling about the future, it is a way of linking the past with the present and the future. It helps to gain deeper insight into a life by understanding the existence of human life in a broader sense. It may at the same time unlock the questions and answers related to past life memories. It helps people figure out their purpose in life. It provides an insight into their strengths and weaknesses that one might have and how to overcome the obstacles in life and optimize their output.