Corporate Identity

We create 100% original and unique Logos that bears the clarity and consistency of your Brand/ Company Image and represents it appropriately thus promoting recognition amongst your customers / consumers.

We all as individuals witness fortunate and not so fortunate times in our lives which tend to affect us in varied manner. Similarly, when it comes to the corporate world where not just one but many individuals are involved, their fortunate period is majorly dependent on fortunate period of the company or big business firms. However, it is a common practice to experience ups and downs in a business but what if it could be controlled!

Market trends and global policies affect the working style and management of big entities and they have to work in coordination with these global trends. But at the same time, we should not forget that some companies make huge profits out of these policies while others completely succumb to the changing environment. Are succeeding ones more efficient or more fortunate? 

No institution shows a laid back tendency where huge amount of money and labour are involved. Some flaws may be found in the management or in fact in the name of the company itself which when aligned with the universal powers with the help of occult science give miraculous results. This is possible with the help of fortunate company logo or lucky depictions put on the letter heads, stamps, stationery and website etc. Occult science helps in extracting these fortunate depictions.

With the help of esoteric services like astrology, numerology and Vastu, the experts find out the possible reasons of the success or failure of an institution. The names of the important individuals along with the name of the company may be thoroughly checked to make out whether they are in perfect alignment with the supporting universal energies. More often than not, merely repeating an alphabet in a name may do wonders and help them to reach heights of success in their respective fields. You must have noticed any company which after a minor alteration in a name has made huge success and earned tremendous fame. Numerology certainly helps in gaining success through application of various important numbers and alphabets within the purview of a company.

Similarly, Vastu shastra helps in detecting and balancing the disproportionate areas of a structure. The construction and premises of a business is a key player in deciding the fate of that company. A vastu complacent structure is certain to give high rise in business and if any flaws have emerged in the structure over the years then these have to be rectified timely to affirm smooth operations in that company. Astrology when combined with Vastu gives wonderful results and help the big companies to overcome any kind of troubles in no time.  

Mrs. Priyaa Sharda ji, a renowned numerologist, and astrologer and vastu consultant help the natives to attract fortunes by negating negative energies with positive ones so as to facilitate hassle free operations in a company. A vastu complacent office spaces and warehouses ensure uninterrupted production, marketing, sales and financial transactions. Carrying business as per the suggestions offered by Sharda ji will certainly help the business to flourish. She counsels on the varied topics that you might have neglected while establishing your business and directs you towards definite improvement. 
Involving vastu, numerology and astrology in business communication means selecting appropriate colors, fonts, shapes, images, and design of visiting cards, logos, letter heads and other necessary items used for business correspondence. It primarily works on the face of your brand which you establish through business communications. A company is known through its logo basically and if it is powerful enough to attract business then nothing can stop it from being successful. 

Modifications take due care of company vision and industry benchmarks. The consultation is also provided for hiring employees or undertaking any partnership activities so that every decision falls in right place bringing more positive and successful results.
Sharda ji and her team also provide guidelines for buying or hiring a space for work purpose. You will be amazed to know that even sick units get fully operational giving huge profits through proper esoteric guidance, counseling and treatment. The company logo is the face of your corporate identity and prime focus should be laid on designing a company logo in perfect accordance with the principles of vastu, numerology and astrology. Through constant consultancy and feedbacks, we help you rectify and improve your corporate communications in accordance with universal energies bringing wealth and fame.